Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Study Finds iPad is Cure for Adultery

A new scientific study released today says that iPad owners are less likely to commit adultery “because they stop noticing other people altogether.”

The study, which was conducted on a sample of one thousand iPad owners, found that “their nonstop talking about the amazing features and apps on their iPads made them completely unattractive to potential sex partners as well.”

The study also indicated that iPad owners are far less likely to have sex with the people they are married to, but that in two-iPad couples “neither partner seems to care.”


  1. cool study, kind of random too.

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  2. Haha seen plenty of articles like this, I used to be like that about my iPhone.

  3. hahaha thats random. Cool find though!

  4. Hahah! Hilarious!

    I dislike Apple a lot, so that won't ever be a factor to me though

  5. Guess the next study will be for Ipad divorce rates. Very cool post.

  6. I think this study should be in the running for the IgNobel prize!

  7. Interesting study. As I read, I wonder if owners of similar technologies like Acer Iconia, Samusung Galaxy Tab and others do the same. I mean, they are related technologies with similar fuctions. I guess another study could point if its because of the owners of an Ipad or just people in general.
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