Sunday, July 17, 2011

10 Interesting Facts About Blogging

1. 77% of Internet users read blogs.
2. There are 156 million blogs (publicly) created.
3. 60% of bloggers are between the ages 18-44.
4. One in five bloggers update their blogs daily.
5. Two thirds of bloggers are male.
6. The United States has the largest share of bloggers.
7. 15% of bloggers spend 10 hours a week blogging.
8. More than half of all bloggers are married and/or parents.
9. More than 50% of bloggers have more than one blog.
10. 38% of bloggers post brand or product reviews.


  1. I'm must admit that I fall in most categories here. I feel like another statistic. I do like to read blogs; but 156 million? I pass...

  2. Ten hours is my new goal! Thanks for the numbers.

  3. Fun post. Interesting to see in what categories I fall in.

  4. Wow... Hit me back,

  5. Where did you get that info.?